Dormitories and Barracks

"We were the first firm in the area to incorporate geothermal heating and cooling in one of our major projects. Geothermal and aerated autoclaved concrete  is the school system's most efficient facility."

Hebel Panels Speed-up Construction for permanent yet flexible structures. Buildings  constructed with Hebel Panels & Blocks are ideal  replacements for temporary barracks and with a variety of finish options, Hebel can match existing base architecture or be used for complete campus construction. On a proper foundation, additional floors can be added for increased square footage.


Non-combustible Panels & Blocks

4 Hour File Rating (UL 920 & K909)

Wind Resistant Designs up to 150 mph


Superior Insulating Properities


Non-toxic = Excellent Indoor Air Quality

Resistant to Termites, Pests & Mold


Reinforced Panels & Jumbo Blocks Assemble Quickly On-site


Outstanding Thermal Performance & Reduced Operational Costs



 Hebel Metal

 Flooring Systems

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 Wall Systems

 Demising Walls

 Sound Barrier Systems

 Mining Ventilation Control Systems

 DOT and Site Walls


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