Hebel Power Panel


Hebel Power Panel are reinforced units used as cladding over steel or wood frame construction, in exterior and interior walls.


2”, 3”, and 4” thick cladding is available from Hebel AAC in 2’ widths and lengths of 8',9’4” or 9'10 . AAC boards are ideal for use as an exterior cladding on single family residences or in conjunction with a steel frame warehouse. In the latter application, boards are stacked between the steel frame, replacing traditional metal sheathing and insulating and creating a more energy efficient structure. It can be used between sections of a warehouse for up to a four hour fire rating, protecting merchandise and occupants.

  Easy and fast to install.

  Light and fire resistant boards.

  They do not degrade with time.

  Moisture resistant.

  Different acrylic base-coats, stucco and texture can be applied.



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