Hebel Metal

Revolutionizing Modular Construction 

Hebel Metal

Hebel Metal is a specialized structural system offering solutions to the construction industry through its unique material properties and design flexibility.

Hebel Metal utilizes Hebel AAC (Autoclaved Aerated Concrete), metal stud framing, and metal stud components. Interior and exterior walls are prebuilt and Hebel AAC cladding is applied and finished before erection, increasing erection speed and eliminating the need for scaffolding.

Hebel AAC floor panels, in conjunction with pre manufactured metal stud partitions with AAC cladding, comprise the structural system.

Hebel Metal is developed for more than 4 stories high rise buildings (residential units, hospitalities, schools or hotels) that harness the benefits of lightweight construction where thermal, acoustic and  fire properties and energy effciency are desired.


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 Living Assistance

 Hospitality, Restaurant & Retail

 Dormitories and Barracks



Hebel Metal