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HEBEL Building Sustainable Senior Living

Build  the perfect house with not only with the perfect handpick of designs and furniture but with a ultimate construction system and with best results for senior living.

You will benefit from an increased speed of construction due to Hebel's light weight, efficient size and ease of use -- it can be cut on site with regular wood working tools -- resulting in construction efficiencies, time savings and decreased costs.

"We're honored to be partnering with Coastal Living on this project," said Elizabeth James -- marketing manager, Xella North American operations, manufacturer of Hebel AAC. "The United States is just beginning to learn about AAC, a product that has been utilized along Europe's coastline for more than 60 years. We're excited to introduce it to American homebuilders through this innovative partnership."


Non-combustible Panels & Blocks

4 Hour Fire Rating (UL 920 & K909)

Wind Resistant Designs up to 150 mph


Superior Insulating Properties


Non-toxic = Excellent Indoor Air Quality

Resistant to Termites, Pests & Mold


Reinforced Panels & Jumbo Blocks Assemble Quickly On-site


Outstanding Thermal Performance & Reduced Operational Costs



 Hebel Metal

 Flooring Systems

 Wall Systems

 Sound Barrier Systems

 DOT and Site Walls


 Slab Panel

 Hebel Board

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