Hebel Slab Panel

Hebel Slab Panels are reinforced units used to build roof and floor slabs that work simply supported by masonry walls (either Hebel or traditional), and also by steel, concrete or wood structures. Their design is based on span-load requirements.

While Hebel AAC roof panels are the same product as the floor panels, they play a very different role. In most structures, a significant amount of energy is lost through the roof, but Hebel roof panels reduce the amount of thermal transmission. The solid mass gives a roof finished with Hebel panels the distinct ability to reduce thermal transference. Panels can be set flat or at an angle and work in tandem with many other waterproofing membranes, or can be framed over in steel or wood.

 Their high thermal insulation capacity results in important energy savings.

 Fast installation, up to 2500 sq. ft. placed per day, without need of wood-forms or temporary supports.

 Up to 4 hours fire endurance (direct exposure).


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Living Assistance


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