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Hebel Wall Panels can be used as curtain walls in industrial installations, warehouses or commercial buildings. They work as simply-suported beams bearing over steel or concrete structures, and are designed based on span-load requirements.

Hebel AAC wall panels are engineered and manufactured with steel reinforcement wires. Wall panels are a single mass unit that can take the place of multi-step construction processes. For example, Hebel wall panels replace wood studs, insulation and gypsum board in a single installation. An experienced crew of eight can set 80 panels a day (2,400 square foot of wall space) with one small crane. Panels are 24” wide and can be manufactured for heights up to 19’8” with varying degrees of thicknesses depending on the project requirements.

 One of the main advantages of Hebel Wall Panels is its thermal property that protects against the cold and heat, resulting in important savings in air conditioning equipment and energy consumption.

 Up to 4 hours fire endurance (direct exposure). 

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