Hebel offers the most efficient solution in construction systems, with more than 80 years of proven successes in the international construction industry. We have been present in America since 1994.

Hebel distinguishes itself by being a high-quality, innovative solution that combines various properties in a single material. From initial design, throughout construction and ending with maintenance; Hebel provides multiple benefits to each phase of a project.

Hebel AAC is 5 times lighter than traditional concrete, which not only has a significant impact on reducing construction time but cost savings are seen as well. Often Hebel can reduce the use of steel, concrete and labor. Hebel solutions result in sustainable and resilient results that deliver high energy efficiency in all types of buildings. In addition, our building solutions provide high thermal and acoustic performance, maximum fire resistance, humidity and pest resistance.

Hebel is committed to providing to the United States with environmentally responsible building solutions that conserve material and energy usage. We are proud members of the US Green Building Council.

We support and provide benefits for each phase of construction. From conception to maintenance, our Hebel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete will improve processes and outcomes for everyone involved.

Owner/Developer: Providing a solution that will meet the needs of budget, timeline and outcome.

Architect: Through education and consulting specifiers in the implementation of our systems; our team supports in streamlining the design and cost of developing plans. Utilizing our building solutions keep projects on track and are easily designed and communicated to the general contractor.

General Contractor/Builder: Speed of construction is maximized with fewer trades and materials. Our team provides help with estimating and value engineering on all our projects. The Hebel team supports our general contractor and builders with a team mentality, providing opportunity and strategic partnerships.

Owner/End User: The result of utilizing Hebel Building Solutions in any project will provide the end user maximized energy efficiency, resiliency and superior performance. Our building systems offer lower costs of insuring their buildings, as well as reduced cost of maintenance for the life of the building.

Hebel Building solutions have been proven successfully in commercial, educational, hospitality, industrial, institutional, governmental and residential segments.
Due to the Hebel qualities, our AAC has national and international recognized certification; our manufacturing process is carefully monitored at all stages in order to guarantee the best quality for our customers.
Hebel AAC properties take any project to a higher category, managing to build a better quality life, comfort and savings for a lifetime. At Hebel we care to offer a full experience with a 360 service for each project specification. The Hebel Plant is located in Nuevo Leon, Mexico and its USA offices are located in San Antonio, TX, from where we serve the USA market. . Hebel is distributed by Litecrete, Inc. part of Bexel International Group.

Our history

Hebel has a broad and solid track record in the construction industry worldwide.


J.A. Eriksson invents and patents the technology of cured aerated concrete In autoclave.

Civil Engineer, Joseph Hebel, opens the first of autoclaved aerated concrete factory.



Hebel blocks production begins in Salzgitter and Messel, Germany.

Hebel arrives to America
and establishes its production plant in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


Customers chosing Hebel® as their best buidling solution

Production process

Highest quality in the AAC industry