Hebel Tools

Hebel Trowel
For Thin-Bed adhesive application. Available widths: 4,5,6,7,8 and 10 In.
Dented Board
For smoothing of rough surfaces and block leveling.
Cutting Square Ruler
To aid in manual markings and cutting.
Fiber Brush
For surface cleaning before application of adhesive mortar.
Slot Scraper
For ½" diameter conduit slots ro.
Wall Socket Drill
For electric outlet holes. Diameters: 2.44 and 3.14 In.
Sanding Board
For light HEBEL AAC smoothing.
Mallet Rubber
For block leveling.
Hebel Bucket
Plastic bucket for mixing of adhesive and repair mortar.
Metal Strip
For control joints or to connect Contec Blocks to columns.
Rebar Separator
To maintain the separation between the reinforcement bar in the panel slab joint.
Fiber Glass Mesh
Finish reinforcement. (540 sq. ft. / roll ). m²
Hebel Nails
Hebel Nails: Special nails for fastening on HEBEL AAC products. ( 4 and 6 In. Long )
Wall Panel Connectors
Several types of metallic connectors for Contec Wall Panel System.
Fischer Anchors
Specially designed for use in HEBEL AAC. (GB10 and GB14)