Fire Resistance

Hebel is certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) with the maximum fire-rating classification. Our systems withstand fire exposure up to 4 hours, maintaining their structural integrity and DO NOT emit toxic fumes even under intense heat,

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Thermal Insulation

Buildings constructed with HEBEL AAC provide substantial energy savings in both hot and cold climates. The unique closed cellular structure and the thermal mass contribute to a high R-value and air-tightness which reduce heating and cooling costs and improve indoor air quality.
Buildings show savings on air conditioning up to 35% by using HEBEL AAC.

Acoustic Insulation

Its porous structure and high surface mass, coupled with its ability to dampen mechanical energy vibration, greatly reduces the sound transmission from exterior - interior and room-to-room.

Structural Resistance

Its strength resists wind pressures and provides a high impact resistance, making Hebel a product with great structural capabilities on floors/roofs and walls applications.

Humidity Resistance

Protects against moisture. It allows the passage of water vapor, reducing condensation.


Recyclable, inert & non-toxic.

Energy savings for life.



LEED credits.

Our plant has a system of collection of surplus and waste throughout of the entire manufacturing process.


By being up to 5 times lighter than traditional concrete allows a faster and more efficient construction, achieving savings on labor and equipment and keeping projects on fast track.


Can be easily cut, drilled and grooved with manual or power tools.

Pest resistance

Not a food source for termites or vermin and no cavity construction. Eliminates the chance of harboring pests, reducing the maintenance cost for life.